Meet The Author: Beth Prentice

Beth Prentice is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Westport Mysteries. Killer Unleashed, her GHP debut novel, received a bronze medal in the 2016 Readers Favorite International Book Awards. She was born in Manchester, England, but after moving backwards and forwards across the world 13 times in 14 years she decided that at the age of 18 that Australia was to be her home. She now lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia where every day is a good one. She is the lucky mother of two grown up children, and, along with her ever-patient husband, she is the proud but sometimes flustered owner of four dogs, a cat, and a canary. She has always had a love of reading, and even though her background is in accounting, she has now discovered her love of writing. Her main wish is to write books you can sit back, relax with, and escape from your everyday life…and ones that you walk away from with a smile! When she’s not writing you will usually find her at the beach with a coffee in hand, pursuing her favorite pastime — people watching!


1. What made you want to become an author? When I was younger I never had the desire to write. In fact it was the last thing I wanted to do. But my mum used to tell me a lot of stories about how she grew up in the war. These stories were always happy memories of hers and often they were very funny tales of what my Grandma used to get up to. I thought that those stories needed to be written down. However, when I started to write, another story came to me. Completely fiction but had hints of truth in it. And Dangerous Deeds was born, lol

2. Do you have a playlist that you listen to when writing? No, I just have the local radio station playing in the background. Most of the time I don’t even hear it, lol

3. What made you chose to write in such a dark and gritty genre? Even though the subject I write is dark, I write with a lot of humour and keep it all fun and light ☺ I chose to write that because it’s what I love to read!

4. Do you start writing from the beginning straight through the end or do you write whatever comes to mind? A bit of both, lol. I try to write from beginning to end, but some days it just doesn’t work, so I write whatever part comes to mind.

5. What do you do if you hit a stumbling block? Take my laptop to the beach, grab a coffee and relax. Sometimes I get some writing done, but other times I just people watch Whichever, it usually clears my mind and gets me back on track

6. What is your favorite Disney movie? I love just about everything Disney, but Pirates of the Caribbean would be my favorite. The first one. Not the typical Disney movie, I know ☺

7. Who (or what) inspires you? Everything and everyone. Sometimes it’s just a couple of words someone says, other times it’s a situation that they are telling you about. Either way, a plot starts to form and I take it from there.

8. Are you a fly by the seat of your pants writer or do you plot first? I plot the story but fill it all in by the seat of my pants

9. Who are your favorite authors? Janet Evanovich and Sophie Kinsella

10. What is your favorite TV show? Fixer Upper. I’m definitely a Joanna Gaines fan. One day I hope to own a house that would suit that style so that I redecorate my heart out, lol!

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