New Release, Excerpt, Giveaway, & Review: One and Only (Hale Street #7) – Amy Knupp

Micah starts finding his rhythm, life throws him a different beat. 
Hale Street #7
Amy Knupp
Releasing March 7th, 2017

Drummer Micah Sullivan lost his music and his dreams when his wife died unexpectedly.
In the emotional aftermath, he quit his successful country band and pushed away his family and friends. Three years later, he’s opened a music shop on Hale Street in Nashville and tells himself he’s content trying to make it a hit.
What he failed to consider is that success requires connections—including the very ones he turned his back on.

Sloan McGuire is up for a new challenge…never realizing it might lead to heartbreak. When she takes a job as entertainment manager at a bar not known for its music, she doesn’t bargain for running into Micah, whose late wife was her best friend.
She can tell within minutes that he’s still grieving. Out of love for her friend, she attempts to reconnect with the reclusive drummer. Falling for him isn’t in the plans, though—not only because he was married to her friend but because she’s been second-best before, and she never wants to play that role again.
As Micah starts finding his rhythm, life throws him a different beat. But with a little improvisation and a lot of courage, he just might tap into the one and only connection he needs.

ANGIE’S REVIEW: I wonder if I’ll ever learn not to elect to read a book that is in the midst of a series without having read any of the previous books! Thankfully this book can be read as a standalone.

I love books that flow smoothly, with dialogue that is easy to follow along with, characters who are easy to like, fleshed out main and secondary characters, and a book that captures my attention so thoroughly, I lose myself in my kindle and don’t surface until I flip the last page (my family is so used to this, that they just set food and drink on my nightstand and leave me be).

I also love second chance romances, though at times I don’t really care for those who end up falling in love with the friend of their ex or deceased spouse. However, I enjoyed reading and watching Micah and Sloan bridge the gap from friends to lovers as they help each other heal from the loss of Micah’s deceased wife, who was also Sloan’s best friend.

The sex scenes are intense and not for the faint of heart.

Overall, I really enjoyed getting to know Micah and Sloan. I plan on going back to read the first six books in this series posthaste!


DISCLAIMER: I requested a review copy so that I could participate in the blog tour. All opinions are 100% my own.

Amy Knupp is the author of contemporary romance, a freelance copy editor for Blue Otter Editing, and a freelance technical writer. While the collection of professional hats she wears sounds a bit scattered and broad, the common thread among all of them (perhaps the little ball on top of each hat) is the written word. She loves words and grammar and meaty, engrossing stories with complex characters.
Amy lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two teenage sons, four cats, and two box turtles. She graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in French and journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, breaking up cat fights, watching college hoops, and annoying her family by correcting their grammar.

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His eyes were closed, and he was … lost in the music. No question about it.
He wore headphones, so whatever song he was playing to, she couldn’t hear, and he was jamming out hard enough that his hair was flopping all over the place. His whole body was in action as his sticks flew from one element to another. It seemed wild and out of control and … God, so sexy.
Sloan frowned at the thought, intended to get his attention and put an end to her private ogling session, but she couldn’t make herself do it quite yet. Because she was riveted by the sight. The expressions on his face, so animated, so full of feeling. The way his biceps flexed and rippled, partially visible beneath his T-shirt sleeves. His hands, in command of two thin wooden sticks, able to make such powerful, moving music. It was just percussion, but she felt it in her chest. The beats, yes, but also the emotion. And Micah himself.

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