{Lisa} Review: Passionately Yours by Cara Elliott

Note: I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Book Description: Proper young ladies of the ton-especially ones who have very small dowries-are not encouraged to have an interest in intellectual pursuits. Indeed, the only thing they are encouraged to pursue is an eligible bachelor.

Preferably one with both a title and a fortune.

So, the headstrong, opinionated Sloane sisters must keep their passions a secret.


Review: Alec McClellen, Lord Strathcona is a Scottish Baron with steely blue eyes and walls built around his heart. Beneath the stone facade he presents to society there is a softer side to him, one where humor, whimsy and poetry lurk- waiting to be given permission to run free. He is part of a secret political party fighting for independence for Scotland. Like all good heroes, he is highly protective and would prefer to keep the women in his life wrapped in thick wool and safely tucked away. He has things to learn.

Carolina Sloan, Caro is the youngest of the Hellions of High Street. She is impetuous, inquisitive, stubborn, passionate, strong-willed, and courageous. Her father saw to it that she and her sisters had a broad education, one not considered usual for women of the ton. She is looking for an adventure of her own, since her sisters’s had theirs and were now enjoying married happiness.

They have met before and she helped him then with a problem and now she is chipping away at his wall of defenses. They find each other vexing and intriguing at the same time. The threat to Caro and Isobel, Alec’s sister, runs through the story and keeps the tension rolling. The conclusion to the threat had me cheering out loud. This has been a great series and does not disappoint. The secondary budding love story is sweet and I am hoping might lead to a full story of its own. {{Smiling}} 5/5

If you’re interested in reading Passionately Yours by Cara Elliott, copies are available for purchase HERE.

{Krystal} Review: A Miracle Of Hope by Ruth Reid

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This has not affected my review in any way, all opinions contained in this review are my own.

Book Description: How far can God’s mercy reach?

Lindie Wyse is pregnant out of wedlock and thinks an arranged marriage is the only way to preserve her future. Josiah Plank is certain he’ll never love again, but he needs someone to care for his eight-year-old daughter, Hannah. The two take on their arrangement tentatively at first but soon realize they are each in for more than they imagined.

Lindie experiences a breakthrough with Hannah when she recognizes Hannah’s special gifts, but a risky pregnancy and serious health issues threaten to demolish the foundation Josiah and Lindie are building. Will their growing love survive despite their struggles, or will their hearts become as cold as the northern winter?


Review: I offered to read this book for a friend of mine for her blog, and I figured that even though this isn’t my normal genre of reading, the premise was something that I thought I would enjoy. Thankfully, A Miracle of Hope certainly delivered on that.

Right off the bat, I was intrigued by each and every one of these characters. I wanted to know what secrets they were hiding, and if their relationship would develop into more than just a “marriage of convenience” between two people who seemingly didn’t want this at all. As the story unfolded, and more details came to light about their pasts, I couldn’t help but feel as though I knew them. I worried for them. I laughed with them. I even cried with them.

One of the things I most liked about this novel was the fact that it wasn’t your run of the mill “two people meet, immediately fall in love despite their circumstances and live happily ever after” type of book. They each had completely different obstacles that they had to overcome, and for a long while, I wasn’t sure if they would be able to indeed overcome the obstacles placed before them.

Throughout this novel the presence of God is prevalent, and their unyielding faith in Him even when things looked their darkest was refreshing, and apologetically honest.

A Miracle of Hope is a clean, page turning romance full of hope, love and second chances in the face of odds that are very unfavorable. Each of the characters brings something different to the table, which made it decidedly easy to fall in love with them.

Overall, I was unfamiliar with Ruth Reid, and her works to date, but she has definitely found a new fan in me! I cannot wait to read more by this author! 4/5

If you’re interested in reading A Miracle of Hope by Ruth Reid, copies are available for purchase HERE.

{Lisa} Review: Million Dollar Christmas Proposal by Lucy Monroe

Note: I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Book Description: Two people need the most amazing holiday miracle of all: love.

Enzu is determined to offer his orphaned niece and nephew the family he’d craved but never known, even if he has to pay a few million for a “loving mother.”

Audrey learns of her CEO’s crazy scheme and sees it as an opportunity to provide the high end education her brilliant brother deserves. Besides, she knows you can’t buy love and those orphaned children deserve better than the women Vincenzo Tomasi is going to draw with his multi-million dollar offer.


Review: This is a very enchanting book. The premise is intriguing and I was hooked from the start. The cold heartlessness of Audrey and Toby’s parents made me angry. They were given four precious gifts and they squandered two of them. Audrey’s strength of character, intelligence, sincerity, love and inner beauty were inspiring. The fact that she was unaware of the beauty, inside and out, only added to the charm of the story. Toby’s triumph and thriving nature was further testament to Audrey’s nurturing instincts.

Enzu was not without knowing it. He had the wealth and power and security they provide, but he was missing that thing that we all need and deserve; someone to love and validate us. It was heartwarming to see his gradual release of total control and his embracing the challenge of true parenthood. Audrey helped him to find and embrace humor, love and the ability to trust another with your heart.

They came together; both betrayed by their parents and prevailed. I could not put this book down. The title has Christmas in it, but it is a book/story for any time of the year; a cold winter afternoon or a day by the pool or beach. Enjoy! 4/5

If you’re interested in reading Million Dollar Christmas Proposal by Lucy Monroe, copies are available for purchase HERE.

{Lisa} Review: A Code Of Love by Jacki Delecki

Note: I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Book Description: Threatened by French spies, assassins, and calculating suitors, can Lady Henrietta Harcourt trust the infamous rake, Lord Cordelier Rathbourne, with her carefully guarded family secrets?

In his new, undisclosed position as Director of English Intelligence, Cord faces more peril keeping the brilliant, Harcourt family of code breakers safe than he did as undercover spy in Napoleonic France.

Cord’s passionate attraction for the indomitable Henrietta hasn’t diminished in his four years abroad, but neither has Henrietta’s memory of his libertine past.

In pursuit of the missing brother, Henrietta and Cord become entangled in a web of international intrigue, danger, and white hot passion.


Review: Cordelier Richard Beaumont, Earl of Rathbourne is reluctantly the earl and he carries a deep guilt over his brother’s death. He is intelligent, self-assured, and protective of his family and works for the Home Office. He has had a fascination with Henrietta for years. He liked the idea that she was not impressed with him 4 years ago and now wants to court her.

Lady Henrietta Ormand Harcourt is independent, smart, and fiercely protective of her own and longs for adventure. She has been taking care of her family since just after her come out when her mother became ill, then passed. Her family has been helping the government for a long time with code breaking and she is carrying on the tradition. She is hoping for a marriage where they are companions and helpmates, she refuses to be seen as only a broodmare.

Together Cord and Henrietta walk that fine line between attraction and propriety with grace and humor. Their strong personalities play off each other brilliantly. The fact that they, at first, unknowingly share a common goal/task makes the story fun and interesting. Cord finding himself wanting to protect Henrietta and the high-handed way he goes about it is charming. Henrietta’s Desire to be cherished and looked out for is handled so as not to make her a victim, but a true heroine. Both Cord and Henrietta are afraid to trust and depend on another; they are both used to being the one in charge. But I believe once they allow themselves the permission to trust and depend, it creates a stronger bond and a deeper love. The plot twists thrown in their way by the French characters add the perfect balance to their road to love. The secondary characters are fascinating. I loved the spunk of Cord’s aunt, Lady Euphemia Beaumont, she is a hoot! I look forward to more books by Ms Delecki. 4/5

If you’re interested in reading A Code Of Love by Jacki Delecki, copies are available for purchase HERE.

{Spotlight} Dancing on Air – Nicole Hurley-Moore

dancingonair copy


TITLE– Dancing on Air
AUTHOR– Nicole Hurley-Moore
GENRE– Historical Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – 1st November 2013
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 182 pages
PUBLISHER – Escape Publishing – Harlequin Enterprises

Dancing on Air official image


Book Blurb/Synopsis –
Cinderella meets Swan Lake in a cross-class, Victorian novel about a ballerina, an aristocrat, and the space in between them.

Lisette yearns for freedom, security and love, but none are offered on the run-down stage of The Imperial Theatre. Instead she has hard work, a tyrannical aunt, and the hope of one day becoming a prima ballerina. Dancing on the stage she catches the attention of two powerful men: Lord Gainswith and Lord De Vale.

Lord Evander Gainswith never expected to fall in love, let alone with a woman so wholly unacceptable to his family and his peers. The sinister Lord De Vale covets Lisette’s youth and strength, and is willing to pay well for it. Lisette may dance roles in fairy tales and fantasies, but the real world is about to intrude, bringing with it the harsh realities of life for a young girl with dreams of rising above the demimonde.


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London, 1884

Lisette was weightless as she leapt into a grand jeté across the stage. She was free and in that moment her heart soared past the walls of the Imperial Theatre. She landed lightly and began the fouetté en tournant, whipping her leg from fourth position to behind her knee; she created impetus to spin on pointe. After the eight revolutions, she planted her feet and lifted her hand in the air, stopping in front of her aunt. There was a slight wobble in her legs and she tried not to wince. Fixing a smile on her face, she prayed that her aunt had not noticed. Lisette had wanted perfection but had fallen short.
A trickle of sweat slid its way down the middle of her back. Her heart beat rapidly and she tried to catch her breath as her aunt stepped forward.
Marie Devoré regarded her niece for a second. Her eyes bore into Lisette’s before she raised her hand and slapped her across the face.
Lisette’s head jerked to the side as the burning sting radiated over her cheek.
‘What was that? A farce…? A comedy, perhaps?’
‘No, Aunt Marie, I am sorry that I wobbled,’ she said as she looked at the well‐worn wooden floor and resisted the urge to cradle her cheek.
‘When you finish, the movement must be sleek, clean and set in stone, without any trace of a tremble.’
‘Yes, Aunt.’
‘Go, out of my sight. Prepare the costumes for tonight’s performance,’ Marie said with a wave of her thin hand. ‘You will practice again tomorrow. Without the wobble.’
Lisette bowed her head before running off into the wings of the stage. She ran as fast as she could past the burgundy velvet curtains, beneath the scenery fly and the rigging, down the narrow flight of stairs that ran beneath the stage, until she was in the cool and narrow corridor, which led deeper into the bowels of the theatre. Her cheek burned but it was the sting of failure that hurt all the more.


nicole hurley-moore low res

Nicole has always been a lover of fairy tales, history and romance. She grew up in Melbourne and has travelled extensively, whilst living her life through the romance of books. Her first passion in life has always been her family, but after studying and achieving a History degree and Honours in Medieval Literature, she devoted her time to writing historical romance.

She is a full time writer who lives in the Central Highlands of Victoria with her family, where they live in the peaceful surrounds of a semi‐rural town.


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{Spotlight} Tea & Primroses – Tess Thompson


Tea and Primroses
Legley Bay Collection Book Two
By: Tess Thompson

Blurb: Nothing is as it seemed in calm, quaint Legley Bay.

Famous novelist, Constance (last name) lived a seemingly straightforward – if private – and somewhat predictable life. Friends, beloved daughter Sutton, a beautiful home, and all the success an author could wish for. A perfect life….but was it?

When a hit and run accident suddenly takes her mother’s life, Sutton finds hidden secrets with her heartbreak. Emotional walls she assumed Constance had built to protect her privacy may have been to protect something – or someone – else entirely. Family and friends return home for support, including her own lost-love, Declan. He’s the first thing she craves to help her cope with her loss and the questions she’s left with, but he’s also the last person she wants to see. Will he be able to put down roots at last?

Can the loss of true love be the making of a life or is it destined to be the undoing of everything? When money, power and love combine across time, anything is possible.


Follow tour HERE.

tess thompsonAuthor Info: Tess Thompson is a novelist and playwright with a BFA in Drama from the University of Southern California. In 2011, she released her first novel, Riversong, which subsequently became a bestseller.

Like the characters in Tea and Primroses, Tess is from a small town in Oregon. She currently lives in a suburb of Seattle, Washington with her two young daughters, Emerson and Ella, where she is inspired daily by the view of the Cascade Mountains from her home office window.


{Aubrey} Review: Tea & Primroses – Tess Thompson

Cover (1) Nothing is as it seemed in calm, quaint Legley Bay.

Famous novelist Constance Mansfield lived a seemingly straightforward – if private – and somewhat predictable life. Friends, beloved daughter Sutton, a beautiful home, and all the success an author could wish for. A perfect life….but was it?

When a hit and run accident suddenly takes her mother’s life, Sutton finds hidden secrets with her heartbreak. Emotional walls she assumed Constance had built to protect her privacy may have been to protect something – or someone – else entirely. Family and friends return home for support, including her own lost-love, Declan. He’s the first thing she craves to help her cope with her loss and the questions she’s left with, but he’s also the last person she wants to see. Will he be able to put down roots at last?

Can the loss of true love be the making of a life, or is it destined to be the undoing of everything? When money, power and love combine across time, anything is possible.

Disclosure: Aubrey received a review copy in exchange for her honest opinion.

Aubrey’s Review: Tea and Primroses was amazing. I loved The River Valley Collection but somehow she has outdid herself in this new series. Thompson writes like she has published multiple books. She has a gift of writing a story that is real and could very well happen. While reading you never get the feeling the story is over the top or unbelievable. Sutton is like any single 30-something trying to find her way in the world who is scared of failing.

A story of great loss and great loves. Sutton loses her mother in a hit and run accident. Now many mysteries ensue. Who really was Sutton’s mother? Why did she never realize all the little details of her mother’s life?

Sutton always thought she knew who her mother was. Her mother was a creature of habit and did things to help the few people she loved. Now that her mother is gone a lot of things have gone unanswered or have they?

The characters in this story were very strong. They knew what they did not want but it seemed like they were afraid to take chances on what they really wanted. Declan the only man Sutton has ever truly loved come home for the funeral of Constance. Declan and Sutton’s mother Constance kept in touch when Sutton never talked to Declan. Can the love Declan and Sutton share be rekindled or has too much time gone by?

I’m very anxious to read the rest of the novels set in Legley Bay. A definite must read for those who like small town romances that may have a bit more character development than romance. Fans of JoAnn Ross would love this book. A 5 star book from me!!!

{Release Day &Giveaway} Wishing Game – A.S. Fenichel


Wishing Game
By: A.S. Fenichel
Releasing March 6th, 2014

Blurb: The Earl of Westbridge is dying, and without a male heir. His daughter Mary will lose her home if she does not marry before her father passes. She has already turned down two men while holding onto the hope of finding true love. In her desperation, she plays the wishing game, a childhood folly devised to chase away fear during thunderstorms.

Avery is the unwilling heir to the Westbridge earldom. He arrives a few days before the spring holiday in the middle of a horrific storm to offer his assistance to his distant cousin. Expecting a spinster who had been put on the shelf, he certainly never expected to develop feelings for the beautiful Mary Barrow.

Mistrust and doubt engulf them. It will take a miracle to bring them together. Or maybe just a wish come true.

A Blush® Regency romance from Ellora’s Cave


Tour Link HERE.

Author Info: A.S. Fenichel gave up a successful career in New York City to follow her husband to Texas and pursue her lifelong dream of being a professional writer. She’s never looked back.

A.S. adores writing stories filled with love, passion, desire, magic and maybe a little mayhem tossed in for good measure. Books have always been her perfect escape and she still relishes diving into one and staying up all night to finish a good story.

Multi-published in both erotic and historical romance, A.S. has 8 books currently available and three more under contract with Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

Originally from New York, she grew up in New Jersey, and now lives in the East Texas with her real life hero, her wonderful husband. When not reading or writing she enjoys cooking, travel, history, and puttering in her garden.


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It would be easier to hate Colton Townsend, if he weren’t so damned nice. And why did he have to have those arresting, amber eyes? They reminded her of a painting she’d seen of a lion. She couldn’t tell if he was about to devour her or cuddle her as if she was one of the barn cats.

Why was he encouraging her to marry? If she had a husband, he would have no inheritance. “My cousin would marry me if I wished it. He and I are very close, more like brother and sister.”

He made a sour face. “I suppose it is not a very appealing prospect to marry a man you think of as a brother.”

“No. However, if I were smart I would do it anyway.”

He frowned. Could it be he really was worried he would lose the lands and house? The tea arrived and she did not ask the incredibly forward question. Once the maid had left the parlor, Mary poured the tea.

“You could stay here, cousin.”

Her heart thumped wildly. “What, in this house, after my father is gone and you are the owner?”

He did not look up from his cup. “Yes.”

“As what, exactly, Mr. Townsend?”

His strange eyes lifted and his gaze settled on hers. She had no idea what the man was thinking. “Exactly as you are now, if you choose. I shall not put you out of your home.”

“And where will you be, cousin?” She used the familiarity he requested but bit out the word so there was no doubt of her distaste.

He stood up and moved toward the window. The rain continued to pour down. “I shall not trouble you much more than to stop and check the accounts from time to time.”

Her entire body grew hot with rage. Her voice rose in both volume and pitch. “Am I to be your mistress? Do you think me so desperate?”
His neck grew red. When he spoke there was no doubt, she had angered him. “You misunderstand me, madam.”

She stood up and carefully placed her tea on the table. “Do I? How will it be proper in any way for me to live in this house after you take possession? It’s already scandalous that you are here before my aunt arrives.”

“It is your house.” His voice rose over hers.

She took a step forward, refusing to be intimidated by any man. “No, sir. That is where you are wrong. When my father dies, you have the happy luck to be the heir to Heartshorn. If I stayed, the neighborhood would be aghast.” She took a deep breath. “I hope you will keep the staff on. I would hate to see them out of work after serving the Earl of Westbridge most of their lives.”

He crossed to her and stood towering over her with only inches separating them. His eyes flashed with danger, but she held her ground. Her heart raced and fear rushed to every nerve. Had she gone too far? She must learn to control her temper and stay her wicked mouth.

She thought he might strike her, but his hand came up and touched her cheek with a gentleness she wouldn’t have equated with the man or the situation. She watched his Adam’s apple bounce several times. His mouth opened and closed and his eyes flicked from her mouth to her eyes.
Mary could not have moved if the roof had caved in on her. She was in a trance.

He closed his eyes for a brief moment and when they opened, she could see his temper was quelled. “Forgive me, cousin.”

{Angieleigh} Review: Wishing Game – A.S. Fenichel

Wishing GameWishing Game by A.S. Fenichel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

I love the Blush line from Ellora’s Cave and am so glad I requested to read this.

Mary is about to lose her home due to not being married and her father on his deathbed. She could marry anyone she likes, but like most women, she wants to marry for love, not just because she wants to keep her home.

I have never understood why it was always encouraged for first cousins to marry. It just seems a bit too…incestuous to me. Mary has been encouraged several times to marry her cousin James, whom she is incredibly close with, but she and he both reject the idea. They would make a good couple in the sense that they adore each other {like brother and sister} and would be compatible, but there would be no great passion, and James would spend his time with his lover, only visiting their marriage bed to produce an heir.

In comes Avery, a far off cousin who has found out that Mary’s father doesn’t have much longer to live. Let me just say, Avery would make a great historical book boyfriend. He doesn’t want to steal away Mary’s home and goes out of his way to prove to her that he isn’t some jackass who would throw her out of her home.

Though she doesn’t like it, Mary finds it easier to like Avery than to hate him. I loved their chemistry together! Avery made her feel at ease and won the household staff over quite quickly; he also won over her aunt and cousin almost immediately when they came to celebrate Lady Day.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I read it in just under an hour. If I had one complaint it is that the ending seemed a bit rushed. However, even for a book that’s under 150 pages, the characters are very well developed, there is no sinister plots, which I find quite refreshing, and is a book that you really can’t put down because you just want to know what happens.

{Spotlight} Going Nowhere Fast – K.D. Bloodstone

Going Nowhere Fast Revised Banner


TITLE – Going Nowhere Fast
SERIES – Author –K. D. Bloodworth
GENRE – Adult Contemporary/ Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 382 pages
PUBLISHER Planettopia Publishing, LLC
COVER ARTIST – Wendy Chartier

Book Cover


Leave your mundane cares behind, sit in your favorite chair and be prepared to travel the road of love, loss and no return. Travel down roads most women would never dare. Delve into the lost and found of life’s trials and tribulations by “Going Nowhere Fast.”


Amazon Kindle Link | Goodreads


I turned away, bag in one hand, my purse in the other. Two hundred dollars in my pocket and no idea where I was going next. I just knew I had to get away. Phoenix was no option. I never looked back, never heard the truck start, never heard his voice again.

I walked out of the parking lot, down the street and down the entrance ramp to the interstate. It only took a few minutes with my thumb out for a big rig to stop. I ran up to the truck, opened the passenger door, swinging up into the cab.

“Where you headed little lady?” Drawled the driver.

“The question is where are you going?”

“I’m headed to Salt Lake.”

“Well, if you don’t mind some company I sure could use a ride.”

“If I had minded the company I wouldn’t have stopped.” He drawled again only this time with a wide toothy smile.

I threw my bag up in the sleeper, stowing my purse at my feet. I stuck my hand in my jacket pocket and felt the money. My eyes started to fill with tears.

“You OK there?”

“Yep, I’m OK. Just something in my eye.”

“Something like a broken heart?”

“You might say that.”


Author Photo

Growing up in Southeast Michigan, K. D. found herself a wanderer and adventurer, sometimes going down the wrong road, but always finding her way back home. She has found a way to bring her colorful stories to life. K.D now resides in Montana with her husband, sharing their home with Fuzzy, a Goldendoodle and Muddy Brown Dog, a Labradoodle


Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | WordPress


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{Jessa} Review: Saved By Gracie by Jan Dunlap

Saved by Gracie: How a Rough-And-Tumble Rescue Dog Dragged Me Back to Health, Happiness and GodSaved by Gracie: How a Rough-And-Tumble Rescue Dog Dragged Me Back to Health, Happiness and God by Jan Dunlap
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Saved by Gracie by Jan Dunlap tells the true-life story of the author’s struggle with severe bouts of anxiety after a misdiagnosis causes her to face her own mortality and how a black lab mix helps her overcome her fears. I admit it. I have a soft spot for non-fiction books about animals. Overall, I liked this book. Not only did it delve into the latest research concerning the benefits of human-dog relationships, but it also shared some genuinely funny stories from a reluctant first-time dog owner. It’s rather short and usually that doesn’t bother me very much, but in this case the book felt incomplete to me. I would have loved to read more about Gracie’s adventures (judging by the stories that are presented here, I’m sure she’s had plenty!).

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for my honest review.

If you’re interested in reading Saved by Gracie by Jan Dunlap, copies are available to order HERE. Be sure to check out the author’s website HERE for the latest news and releases. Happy reading!

{Jessa} Review: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Attack of the Factoids

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Attack of the Factoids: Bizarre Bites of Incredible InformationUncle John’s Bathroom Reader Attack of the Factoids: Bizarre Bites of Incredible Information by Bathroom Readers’ Institute
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Over 400 pages of tantalizing, mind-blowing facts. Did you know that Elvis always wore a helmet while watching football? Or that bats always turn left when they leave a cave? That’s just a tiny sampling of all of the interesting, humorous, and downright bizarre facts you’ll discover in Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Attack of the Factoids. I loved the easy to read format, the engaging topics, and the humor that was displayed throughout. This was actually the first time I had read any of the Bathroom Readers. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are lots of other editions out there. In fact, I liked this one so much I got several others! A definite must-read for trivia fans that can be enjoyed anywhere, not just the bathroom! Beware though, you WILL lose track of time while reading!

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for my honest review.

If you’re interested in reading Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Attack of the Factoids, copies are available for pre-order HERE (title will be released on March 17th). For more information on the Bathroom Reader series, check out the official website HERE. Happy reading!

{Jessa} Review: Appleseed Creek Mystery 1-3 by Amanda Flower

A Plain Death (Appleseed Creek, #1)A Plain Death by Amanda Flower
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first book in the Appleseed Creek series by Amanda Flower, A Plain Death, introduces readers to Chloe Humphrey, a computer whiz who moves from the city to a tiny village in Amish country. Chloe meets and befriends Becky, an ex-Amish teenager and her handsome brother, Timothy. When Becky is involved in a car accident that kills an Amish bishop and the authorities inform Chloe that the brake line had been cut, she’ll stop at nothing to get to the bottom of it before the murderer strikes again.

I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I was immediately drawn to A Plain Death because of it’s quaint – yet moody – cover. Like many people, I’m fascinated by the Amish way of life. I’ve read my fair share of Amish fiction and this story seemed so different than all the others… and it turns out, it WAS different, but in a good way! I was surprised by how quickly and completely I was sucked into the story. I enjoyed the scenery – the farms, the small shops, the old house that Chloe rented. It was all perfect. I fell in love with the characters, even the “bad guys” because they were all drawn out so well. I have to say though that Grandfather Zook was by far my favorite – what a charmer! I was so immersed in this mystery that I read the entire book in one sitting with no breaks. It’s a fun, engaging story that will be a hit for mystery and Amish fiction lovers alike.

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for my honest review.


A Plain Scandal (Appleseed Creek, #2)A Plain Scandal by Amanda Flower
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Plain Scandal, book two in Amanda Flower’s Appleseed Creek Mystery series picks up shortly after the events in the first book. The Amish in the small community are being terrorized by someone who sneaks up on unwitting victims and cuts off their hair, a blatant insult to their beliefs. When the attacks culminate in the brutal murder of an Amish businessman, Chloe Humphrey knows she has to find the murderer to protect her new-found friends before it’s too late.

I just couldn’t put this book down. I ended up sitting up all night with it because I needed to have all of my questions answered ASAP! The plot itself was truly unique and the climax is sure to throw readers for a loop. I really liked the way that the Amish in this community were portrayed… They each had their own personalities and they weren’t perfect. It made the story have much more depth and made me connect with them much more than I would have if they were written as “perfect”, one dimensional characters. A great mystery. I can’t wait to start the next one!

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for my honest review.


A Plain Disappearance (Appleseed Creek, #3)A Plain Disappearance by Amanda Flower
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chloe Humphrey is back in A Plain Disappearance, the third book in Amanda Flower’s Appleseed Creek Mystery series. Chloe’s excitement about her new relationship and spending Christmas with her new friends quickly evaporates when an Amish teenager is discovered dead. When all signs point to Appleseed Creek’s mechanic and Timothy’s friend as the murderer, Chloe knows she has to discover the truth… whatever that may be.

In my review of the first book I mentioned how much I liked the cover and I feel the need to bring that up again. All of the covers for these books are lovely, but this one stands out as my absolute favorite. So beautiful! I was actually given the first two books in the series in order to review them and I enjoyed them so much that I bought the third book for myself. There were several instances when I thought I had the mystery all figured out, but in the end I was taken by surprise. And there’s so much more to the story than the murder mystery. There’s romance, drama, humor… a little bit of everything! I can’t wait for the next book (there just has to be a fourth! Please, please, please!).

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{Aubrey} Review: The Love Series – Melissa Collins

Admin Note & Disclosure: The following reviews by Aubrey are part of the review tour through Rock Star Lit. Aubrey received books 1, 2, and 3.5 in exchange for her honest review. Book 3 was purchased for her as a gift by the blog admin so that she would be able to follow along. She was not required to give a review of Let Love Heal, but so that those who want to read this series can get a feel for all of the books, we decided to include that in this set of reviews for the series. For more information about the series, please see our post here. Information for book 3, Let Love Heal, please see it’s Goodreads page here.

17988058Let Love In: I have a new love for NA novels and can’t seem to get enough of them. I really loved the story between Reid and Maddy. They are two people that feel that they are unlovable and don’t deserve to be happy. Both have tragic stories of loss and a lack of family that made my heart hurt for them.

Maddy made a promise to herself that she would be happy when she went away to college and that is basically what she did. Maddy met Reid at a party that she went to with her best friend Melanie and her two other room mates. The beginning of their relationship was pretty humorous to me the reader. I loved the interaction and banter between the two of them.

Reid has never dated anyone before he met Maddy. He only has sex with them once or twice and moves on. When he meets Maddy his life totally changes. He lives for Maddy and finding ways to make her happy.

Their first date together is completely sweet and made me jealous. I wish I had a Reid. He is totally on my life of book boyfriends. It is amazing the transformation that happened with him once he met Maddy.

Collins did an awesome job at depicting the relationship between Maddy and Reid. Their relationship goes through a lot more emotional baggage than the typical relationship. I think that is what makes them so awesome as a couple. I was a bit shocked on how she left you hanging on what will happen between the two but that only made me want to continue reading faster.

17902155 Let Love Stay: The second novel in the series starts of the first novel ended. We have both Maddy and Reid kind of drifting in the wind. Neither one really wants to admit to being wrong. I was anxious to see what would happen between the two. Their love was so explosive and happened so quick that sometimes it can’t sustain itself.

I think Collins did an excellent job at tackling big issues in this novel. As the reader you get to see both points of view as each chapter is from either Reid or Maddy’s POV. I loved getting into Reid’s head and understanding a bit more what happened between his brother and parents. My heart hurt for him and what happened with his brother.

Maddy also does a lot of growing up in this novel. She realizes that life is going to change a great deal when the baby comes. Reid and her grow a lot together as a couple once they both stopped being so big headed and got back together.

The relationship between Reid and Maddy is real. I felt like I was actually reading about a real couple not one set in a novel. They both had to come to the conclusion that they were worth it and that they could be loved.

18148888 Let Love Heal: I fell in love with the cover of this book. I have a soft spot for gingers. I could not wait to read this one. You could read this novel as a standalone and not be confused. Whereas the first two novels center around Reid and Maddy this one is about Melanie and Bryan.

I wanted Melanie to be my best friend from the very beginning. You get to find out a bit about her in the previous two novels but not anything indepth. We know as a reader that Bryan basically became very distant when Melanie told him she loved him in Let Love Stay. From this scene I wanted to know more and hoped that we would get to.

I loved Melanie in this book. She is so strong and yet so broken at the same time. She reminded myself of me in many ways. I felt her pain and her insecurities. She cheated on Bryan during Christmas break because she thought she lost him. Throughout this novel you see how she has to forgive herself for cheating but also let love heal her.

Bryan is such a great guy. I wish I could morph all my favourite parts of Bryan and Reid into one and create a super boyfriend. He along with Melanie has a lot of issues he has to work through. I was blown away at how much I was routing for these two to make it work.

Collins has definitely become a favourite author and on my auto-buy list. I just love how her characters are so intense and work so hard to overcome the issues that keep them from letting love be in their lives.

19167768 Let Love Shine: To be perfectly honest it is very rare that I read a series right though, one after the other. I get bored and need a break. Not true with this series. I fell in love with every single character in the series. You really need to read the first two novels in the series to get a better understanding of what is happening in this installment of the series. Collins has a way of telling a story makes you wish you were part of the story.

This short novella was sweet as you go to see how Reid and Maddy are dealing with having a new baby and being newly married. You see how their love has grown from the first novel to now. I could so relate to what they were dealing with. I think being able to relate to the characters so much has made me enjoy them so much more than I usually do.

Collins totally had me hooked again from the first page. I was intrigued to find out how Reid and Maddy were doing. Was their relationship going to survive all the changes? Would it become stronger? Or break apart?

The novella is a must read for everyone that enjoyed the series. I cannot wait to read about Lucy in Let Love Be.

{Angieleigh} Review: Living London – Kristin Vayden

living london-1 What if you found yourself waking up two hundred years in the past? What if you wore the gowns and waltzed around Almacks? What if you found out first hand just how dangerous a rake could be, or how much fun? For Jocelyn Westin, this is her reality. But reading all the historical fiction in the world could never have prepared her for what it would be like to be “Living London.”

Angieleigh’s Review: Y’all, Kristin Vayden has wrecked me.


Living London is not your typical time traveling romance whatsoever. I am a huge fan of time traveling romances, if they are done right that is, and Ms. Vayden has knocked it out of the park, rating right up there with Jude Deveraux, who to this writer is one of the best authors in time travel romance.

What I loved most about this is the fact that Jocelyn adapted so quickly to her surroundings. There was no simpering or crying or being angry over the turn of events; she just adapted and went about life as if she had always lived this sumptuous life in Regency England as the belle of the social ton.

I have to say that I’ve always wondered why they refer to themselves as “the ton” as it just doesn’t make sense to me, but at times I realized that authors can subtly make you realize that they are a ton of idiots.

Pun included. You’re welcome.

Oh Lord Ashby. He is seriously in the running to be Regency book boyfriend. Though he is at war with the thought that the ton {of idiots} may see his union with Jocelyn as him being a gold digger, he can’t help but want to continue their friendship such as it may be.

See, Jocelyn has “amnesia” and can’t remember anyone.

Except that Lord Ashby appeared to her in a dream.

Arynna…oh I wanted to take her over my knee, paddle her bum, and hang her up to dry. It was a shock to this reviewer that such a sweet author who writes just the sweetest character could come up with someone as vile and hateful as Arynna. There just wasn’t really anything to her “game” other than she wanted Amelia and Jocelyn to be jealous. Because, you know, she wasn’t so obvious in her machinations whatsoever.


I adored Amelia for being the consummate best friend and always looking out for Jocelyn, especially when she couldn’t “remember” anything. Reg is amusing, but you don’t get to really see him much. I do hope that one day he will have a book of his own.

Lord Rake is seriously in the lead over Lord Ashby as RBB. Seriously.

If I had one complaint it would be that the ending seemed so rushed. The conflict was over, everyone was happy and that’s that. I can’t say anymore as it would give things away, alas.

There is the first chapter of Surviving Scotland, the second book in this series, at the end. I highly recommend reading it and buying it at the same time because you are going to NEED, not want, but NEED to read the sequel.

NEED. Speaking of, I’m off to read about Elle!

Angieleigh’s Rating: 4.5/5 stars

{Spotlight} Love TKO – Selene Chardou


Love TKO
A Love Unexpected Novel
By: Selene Chardou
Releasing February 24th, 2014

Cover Blurb: An Irish Mixed Martial Artist who is fighting for the UFC Championship in Las Vegas.

A beautiful hustler who is counting the clock down to her twenty-eighth birthday when she can finally retire and enjoy her life.

A chance encounter that changes both of their lives forever.

“I can’t allow what I feel for him to stop me from seeing the end goal. I never wanted this to be my life and in six months, it no longer will be.

“But there is something about Torin Duffy that makes my heart race, and creates a shortness of breath I have never felt in my life.

“I’m jaded; part of me feels like I am unlovable but when I am with him, he makes me feel wanted, needed, protected and it’s a slow burn that is leisurely turning me inside out and my emotions upside down.

“We both know how dangerous this is but nothing can stop the hurricane of emotions we make each other feel, and his touch is so dangerous, I know he could leave me broken beyond repair.

“How do we stop something that can destroy us both? Why should he risk what he’s wanted his whole life over me?

“We both know where this is leading but how can we stop it when it’s too late to turn back now?” – Chiara Bassi

Add Love TKO (Love Unexpected Series #1) to your Goodreads TBR List here.

Selene Author Info: Selene Chardou is a world traveler and the alter-ego of Elle Chardou.

Ms. Chardou’s writing is all about hot romance and exciting times with the wild, damaged, out of control, rich and famous set in the world of Contemporary Romance.

She is currently working on Jaded Faith, the third novel in the Scarlet Fever Series, Naked Dirty Love, the second novel in the Rough Riders Series, and Love TKO: Out For The Count, the second novel in the Love Unexpected Series.

Ms. Chardou has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Author Links: Blog / Pinterest / Goodreads / Twitter / Facebook

Purchase Here: Amazon

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