Review: My Sister’s Keeper – Edna Curry

I received a complimentary copy of My Sister’s Keeper in exchange for my review.

Overall this book was cute. You could pretty much figure out the entire plot and subplot from the very beginning. Heck, even from just the name and description you could figure out what this was going to be like.

I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t excited about it. The writing style was not my favorite {incomplete sentences, sentences that just didn’t make sense or could have been joined with the previous, and even some word choices made me…giggle} by any means, but I did appreciate the fact that Ms. Curry does her best to keep you reading by giving you just a hint of what was to come…even if you already knew it was coming.

I would recommend this for light reading or something to occupy your time while waiting in a doctor’s office or elsewhere.

Review: Sleight – Jennifer Sommersby

I received a complimentary copy of Sleight in exchange for my review.

I wasn’t very keen on reading this at first – it just didn’t sound like something that I’d really like; but in the interest of fairness and being open-minded, I decided to give it a try.

Oh how happy I am that I did!

I absolutely adored Gemma as a main character. She wasn’t overly brave or annoyingly cowardly…she was just the perfect balance between strong and weak, in my opinion. In fact, I liked all of the characters that are introduced in this book, even the ones you’re not sure you should like because there’s just something about them that doesn’t sit right.

I was drawn in nearly immediately as Ms. Sommersby knows how to capture your attention just by picking a quote that tugs at your heart or maybe just makes you think. Yes, there were parts of the book that were rather wordy and made me slightly anxious as I was holding my breath to find out what happened next, but overall I just really loved this book and can’t wait to read the follow-up. She tugs at your heartstrings, she makes you think and wonder and hold your breath in anticipation.

Especially with the end. Oh, I totally did not see that coming, but was happy all the same.

Also, I wonder why no publishing house wanted to take a chance with this book; as noted above, it’s cleverly written and isn’t your run of the mill young adult fantasy book. No matter, I’m glad Ms. Sommersby published this book on her own.

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