Review: Flat Stanley On Ice – Jeff Brown & Macky Pamintuan

Description: Flat Stanley and Arthur are excited to go ice-skating on the frozen lake. But when the weather suddenly warms up, Stanley finds himself skating on thin ice! Beginning readers will love following along with Flat Stanley’s winter adventure.

Flat Stanley: On Ice is a Level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.


ANGIE’S REVIEW: Flat Stanley is a short, cute book about two brothers who make snow angels (something that Stanley is good at), and ice skating. When the weather starts to warm up, Stanley finds himself in need of rescuing. His younger brother, Arthur, comes up with a plan and well…needless to say that Stanley is rescued.

I read this with my 9 year old nephew who enjoyed looking at the great illustrations. He also had a fun time reading, as this book is geared to helping young children learn to read.

I can’t wait to get my nephew more books in this series!

Please Note: This book was gifted to my nephew for Christmas from his teacher. All opinions are my own.

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