Review: Letters to the Midwife: Correspondence with Jennifer Worth, Author of Call the Midwife – Jennifer Worth

Synopsis: When the CALL THE MIDWIFE books became bestsellers, Jennifer Worth was inundated with correspondence. People felt moved to write to her because the books had touched them, and because they wanted to share memories of the world her books described, the East End of London in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

LETTERS TO THE MIDWIFE is a collection of the correspondence she received offering a fascinating glimpse into a long-lost world.

Along with readers’ responses and personal histories, it is filled with heartwarming gems such as letters and drawings sent by one of the nuns featured in Call the Midwife and a curious list of the things Jennifer would need to become a missionary. There are stories from other midwives, lorry drivers, even a seamstress, all with tales to tell.

Containing previously unpublished material describing her time spent in Paris, and some journal entries, this is also a portrait of Jennifer herself, complete with a moving introduction by her family about the Jennifer Worth they knew and loved.

ANGIE’S REVIEW: Letters to the Midwife is a collection of letters from fans of the much loved BBC show, Call the Midwife, to the beloved Jennifer Lee Worth. Only, they’re not really “fan letters” as much as they are pieces of Jennifer’s history, the backbone of her life’s work as a midwife/nurse. From people she worked with, babies whom she helped deliver, parents she’d helped, relatives of those who may have been mentioned…the list goes on.

Do you need to read this in order to enjoy the three memoirs she wrote based on her life as a midwife? No, you don’t. If you would like to know more about the era, whom she worked with, what it was like to be an expectant mother (and a midwife or nun!), then you’ll enjoy this trip down memory lane of people who really loved Jenny.

There are some bonus stories about Jenny’s time in Paris as an au pair that are interesting. There’s one “story” that was so familiar to me, as I’d seen it play out in the show…only, the whole premise around the family feast was quite different from story to show as those things usually are.


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