Review: Pigs on the Ball: Fun With Math and Sports – Amy Axelrod

Description: It’s Mr. Pig’s birthday, so Mrs. Pig and the piglets take him for a round of miniature golf. And they give him his present — a new lucky golf shirt. But the new shirt isn’t lucky enough. It seems like Mr. Pig can’t make a single hole in one, while Mrs. Pig sinks every putt. Can studying the geometry of the golf course give Mr. Pig a better chance? With a free pizza prize at the end of the game, nothing can hold the Pigs back. Play ball!

ANGIE’S REVIEW: I read this with my nephew, who liked following along with the pig family’s day of mini-golfing to celebrate papa pig’s surprise birthday party as that’s his favorite sport. He loved keeping score and learning about the different shapes and how to add/subtract depending on how many times they had to swing.

What we didn’t exactly like was how the book ended abruptly; if you weren’t paying attention to the pictures, you wouldn’t understand how the story ended, which was frustrating for my nephew.

(view spoiler)

Overall, this is a great way to introduce more complicated math to young readers, as well as teach them the importance of good sportsmanship.

In my opinion, PIGS ON THE BALL is suitable for children age 9 and older.

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